Small Groups

Immanuel has sixteen adult small groups that meet throughout the year. We invite guests, and we would like to keep starting new groups. We also have regular Bible classes on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, service groups, and gatherings sponsored by our Human Care Ministry.


The adult groups include daytime Bible study groups and evening home sharing groups.


One set of daytime Bible study groups are the women’s Bible studies. Five of them are held twice a month on weekday mornings or afternoons. One, called Women on Wednesday, is held every Wednesday morning at 9am at the church. There are two men’s groups, one every Monday at 6:30am and the other every Friday, with breakfast, at 6am.


Our six home sharing groups each meet once a month. These groups are all composed of both men and women. Small groups at Immanuel are supported by a committee called the Sharing Groups Ministry Team. To visit a group, or to get a new group started, contact the chairman, Jim Found. You are most welcome to visit our sharing groups page!