Immanuel's Core Values

At Immanuel, we value:

Intentional Spiritual Growth: through education, good stewardship of time and treasures, and the use of each individual's spiritual gifts and talents.

Ministering to the Whole Individual: Spiritually, Relationally, Physically, and Emotionally, supporting the person to live the full life in Christ.

My Faith in Jesus: this personal faith should be demonstrated among our members through practicing, living, and working toward the Marks of Discipleship.

Announcing and Celebrating Jesus' love through Word and Sacrament: Worship is central to our identity and to the individual lives of our members.

Nurturing the Family and the Child: God gives the child into a family that shall provide care and rearing. The family is the nucleus of society. Here one is molded and prepared for life in community.

Uniqueness of the Individual: raises the necessity for respect and trust for all individuals (we are "Spirit-given and Spirit-driven"), for the freedom to innovate (the security to take risks for the sake of advancing the Gospel), for healthy relationships (drawing from our relationship with God in Christ), and for diversity in membership and in leadership (recognizing the person's gifts and limitations, and the love God extends).

Evangelical Heritage as Lutheran Christians: This means we continue to look for ways to seek and save the lost. We are a church not run by an ecclesiastical hierarchy but by the people whom God has called to be His own: "The people are the Church." We recognize that those who have gone before us have left us a rich legacy of truth and traditions which is worth preserving.

Life: In God's eyes each person has purpose and meaning, is loved, even while developing in the womb. The aged and infirm too have meaning and purpose, for us to love as God loves them.